As the basic form of an object for quick assembly, the industrial tent – PVC / PVC has a roof made of durable and high-quality PVC tarpaulin, 650-900g/m2. If necessary, it can also have protection against UV radiation. This type of tarpaulin is fire resistant according to the DIN 4102-1 standard. The walls of the building are also made of identical PVC tarpaulin, fireproof according to the same specification. This type of industrial tent is an ideal choice for storing materials and equipment that does not require specific climatic conditions. It can be used to cover parking lots, workers’ areas, construction sites, sports fields and other large areas. The key advantage of this type of facility is its simple and quick assembly, as well as its flexibility. The side pages can thus be opened or fixed, depending on the need. It is also possible to install PVC doors.